The latest buzz in cloud data center market has been created by Amazon. The leading company in this industry has launched three data centers in Ohio which now will suffice as second US East availability regions for AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud. Interestingly, these data centers have been opened at different locations within Ohio. Thus it intends to serve as separate zones of availability. Cloud data center analysts speculate that this move by Amazon will help users to design applications that can switch between data centers in occurrence of any outage.

Ohio AWS region brings the worldwide total of AWS Availability Zones (AZs) to 38, and the number of regions globally to 14.

Reportedly, Amazon is working hard to maintain its supremacy in cloud services market which is also being eyed strategically by companies like Microsoft and Google. The battle of big giants has led to availability of good options for users. Three of the big tech companies are investing in billions of dollars every quarter in creation of global cloud infrastructure and render best possible support to users.

Even though Amazon is already a global leader in this market but it has ensured that it remains in the same position in the future as well. This is reflected by major development plans of the company which announced that it will be opening as many as 9 additional cloud data centers in regions like UK, Canada, China and France while having 38 in total at present. At the same time Microsoft which has registered 30 operational cloud availability regions so far has also announced to come up with 6 upcoming data centers.

Amazon and some other of its rivals adopt mixed strategy where the companies are involved with leasing of data center facilities to building new ones on their own. The recent data centers opened at Ohio are part of its latter strategy.

What will be the advantages for cloud customers within Ohio region?

The new data centers will help cloud customers in extending application topology between Northern Virginia and Ohio. Amazon is even offering low data transfer rates between these two regions. Thus, by enacting redundant, highly available topologies across AWS data centers, the cloud services giant is all set to allure enterprise customers from both public as well as private sectors.


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VP & CTO (

Werner Hans Peter Vogels who is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Amazon announced the launch of three new cloud data centers in Ohio in a blog post written by him which also stated. “We’ll continue to add new infrastructure to grow our footprint and make AWS as useful as possible for all of our customers around the world,”