There was a time when Nostradamus made predictions, till date we are uncertain how he did it. But in current era, data analysis stands behind every prediction made by tech research giants. Gartner, the technology research firm with its headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, United States has recently published its report on Technology predictions trends for IT organisations.  These predictions will have a scalable impact on IT industry. They offer opportunity areas for organizations to innovate, evolve, re-invent current business strategies to appear as a winner in the era of cannibalistic technology era. The tech predictions their impact and a little detailed analysis is given below. I would love to know your thoughts about the same.

1). Augmented Reality Shopping


With Pokemon Go, we all have come to know that how much impact augmented reality can have on users. Imagine if the game can make us go crazy then what if people are actually able to use augmented reality to shop? You’re right! This is one of the tech predictions by Gartner. In next 5 years more than 100 million people will shop using augmented reality. Just like the games the augmented reality shopping is expected to become a new fad amongst technology users.

2). Browsing without Screen- Well, most of it!


Imagine if we say that by 2020 you will be able to conduct as much as 30% of browsing without an actual screen. That’s the next forecast by Gartner in the list! You can relate this one easily if you have used voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa or Cortana. Technology is going to advance and bring the best of voice assistance for the benefit of users. This will save time, enhance productivity and at the same time decrease the chances of unwanted results. Developers are working round the clock to perfect it.

3). 20% of Brands Will Prefer Responsive Web Design


Native mobile apps demand investment and by 2019 most companies will do away with them. While some brands advocate the use of mobile apps there are others who think that responsive web design is the key to engage customers. In the upcoming years Gartner predicts that more companies will prefer responsive design over mobile apps. After all they need to justify their investments on developing native mobile apps.

4). Artificial Intelligence Will Change behavior of Global Workforce


Gartner also predicted that in next 4 to 5 years AI will play a crucial role in augmenting human capabilities and have a lot of scope in changing the ways people will work in future. Owing to implications of Artificial Intelligence, business operations will be conducted in smoother manner than ever before. The change will majorly have a positive impact on more than 1 billion of global workers.

5). The Rise of Blockchain Based Businesses


The blockchain technology which is still in its developmental phase is going to progress in coming years. The market research firm predicted that blockchain based businesses will worth up to $100 billion by 2020. It is seen as an important technological innovation of Bitcoin as it provides record of every transaction on a network. Digitalization of businesses has resulted into huge increase in the number of transactions that happen between businesses and end-users. The e-commerce giants are surely going to adopt this technology. How it will be implanted? We will have to wait to find out an answer to that.

6). Omnipresence of Digital Giants


One of the predictions indicate towards a trend that will be evident by 2021. Gartner states that 20% of all engagements by average person will involve one or more digital giants. The company also listed seven of these giants i.e.

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Baidu
  • Alibaba
  • Tencent

7). Core Execution Cost will be Seven Times the Investment in Innovation


By 2019, every $1 than a company will invest in innovation will demand an extra investment of $7 for its core execution. By making this prediction, Gartner underlines the importance of deployment and operational costs that are related to implementation of an innovative model.

8). IoT will Lead to 3% Increase in Data Center Storage Demand


This is probably the best news for IT professionals amongst latest predictions by Gartner. IoT expansion will mean new data flooding into IT and thus data center storage demand is bound to increase.

9). Huge Savings- Thanks to IoT!


By the year 2022, IoT will be saving a lot of money for both consumers as well as businesses. As per Gartner’s predictions these savings will amount to $1 Trillion every year in case of consumables, services and maintenance.

10). Lesser Human Health Costs


As much as 40% of global workers will be able to cut their healthcare costs following the usage of fitness trackers and wearable devices.

To summarize it again:

The predictions were released by Gartner at Symposium ITXpo. How many of these you believe will turn out to reality? Let us know via your comments and feedback.