Almost one year back, Amazon came up with an announcement that it will be launching data centers in the UK in the end of 2016. The company has stood true to its commitment as Amazon Web Services has finally introduced the AWS Europe (London) region. This will now supplement its AWS regions in Frankfurt (Germany) and Ireland that were opened in 2014 and 2007, respectively. Overall, the company is now offering the users with choice of 16 regions,  featuring as many as 42 availability zones across the globe. Interestingly, the number of these regions rose to 16 from 11 in a span of just one year. As competition in data center and cloud computing industry is all heated up, we are surely going to see this number increasing in 2017. The new region selected by cloud computing front-runner in London has two availability zones.


Amazon CTO Werner Vogels shared the news of this major development via his blog named All Things Distributed. He commented, “With the launch of the AWS Europe (London) Region, AWS can enable many more UK enterprise, public sector and startup customers to reduce IT costs, address data locality needs, and embark on rapid transformations in critical new areas, such as big data analysis and Internet of Things,”

Earlier in December, 2016 the company also launched AWS Canada (Central) Region in Montreal which marked extension of company’s cloud services to 15 regions and 40 availability zones worldwide (Well, in just few days Amazon has been able to revise these figures). With its first data center in UK, now the company has offered local cloud storage to almost 100,000 of its UK customers.


“Our customers and [AWS Partner Network] Partners asked us to build an AWS Region in the U.K. so that they can run their mission-critical workloads and store sensitive data on AWS infrastructure locally,” said Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS. “For the past decade, we’ve had an enthusiastic base of customers in the U.K. choosing to build their businesses on the AWS Cloud. A local AWS Region will serve as the foundation for even more innovative cloud initiatives from the U.K. that can transform business, customer experiences and enhance the local economy.”


“The new AWS Region shows a clear confidence in the U.K. being open for business and one of the best places in the world for technology companies to invest in and grow,” said Karen Bradley, U.K. Secretary of State of Culture Media and Sport.

Werner Vogels listed some reasons that customers have given to the company for building their business on the Amazon Web Services Cloud. These are as given below:

  • Blend seamlessly into the digital world
  • Use catalysts for real-time business models
  • Mobilize business operations by computing everywhere
  • Parse real time information to generate visibility
  • Extract valuable insights with machine learning
  • Develop the next-generation software application that is capable of action

Via: All Things Distributed – Werner Vogels’ weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems.