Almost two decades ago, a PC configuration containing 386/486 processors, 4MB/8MB RAM, a floppy disk of 1.44MB for storage, a 175Mb of Hard drive was regarded pretty satisfactory. It may appear humorous in current days. Considering the accomplishments of humanity up to the development of the IC. The fast pace of advancement since the creation of the circuit chips for attaining the edge in computing power. In current times, we carry PCs to our work and have PC’s in our pockets.  Not a long time back, PC’s used to be as big as an average size room and needed huge amount of coolant to work smoothly.

Very rare occurrences appear in front of us when things remain to work like they are supposed to even after decades. No breakdowns, no issues a machine keeps on going year after year. A lot has changed over couple of decades but Phil Hogan’s owned machine, a Stratus server is running flawless straight for 24years without problems. Hogan estimates that most of the components in the server are kept as it is and estimates that 80% of the system is the same as it used to be in the early 90’s. The server performs the financial operations like payment processing, transactions, and credit cards.

In Phil Hogan’s words,

“It never shut down on its own because of a fault it couldn’t handle,” said Hogan. “I can’t even think of an instance where we had an unplanned shutdown,”

In the year 2010 there was a Stratus contest and Hogan’s server won the oldest running server title. The system runs older version of the proprietary Stratus VOS operating system which has not been updated since the 2000’s.

The server was thought to be replaced but none of the users had encountered any problems with its working as to the functions it performed in 1993 are still running with the same performance in 2017.Finally the new management has considered to retire the Stratus server which is going to happen in April 2017.

Maybe it will be a sorrow moment of getting rid of an old and faithful machine but the only person who will really know the service record that the server machine has accomplished during his lifetime is the person who kept it running.